Rent-To-Own A Home: Our Unique Program

Live in it NOW, Buy it LATER

We have leveraged on the Banking, Mortgage Loan Broker and Real Estate Broker experience of our CEO (Funmi Abiodun-Findo) to fashion out a successful and award winning Rent-To-Own program.
The nutshell of our Rent-To-Own program is to make you a homeowner. Our parent company: Findobact Holdings Corporation is a "Full Service Real Estate Enterprise" , hence we have a team assigned to make you a homeowner from our Realtor Associates at Findo Realty and our Credit Repair/Solution Experts/Mortgage Loan Originators at Findo Financial Funding.
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Minimum Qualifications: Verifiable Income, No Foreclosure & Bankruptcy in the last 3yrs, No Defaulted Student Loan, Total Collections/Charge Off Accounts less than $5,000.00.

Here is summary view of our available homes For Rent-To-Own:

Findo Realty

500 W. Lanier Avenue Unit 605
Fayetteville, GA 30214